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Since man first forged primitive weapons and tools in the Iron Age the art of blacksmithing has been recognised as invaluable. As mankind developed so did the craft of the blacksmith and the forged goods he produced. 

In ancient times the blacksmith’s skills were essential to everyday life.  The blacksmith himself was considered to have mystical powers and practice a magical art whose secrets were passed from father to son. 

Bob Foxall Colley was born in the West Midlands, the industrial heart of England, and has spent his entire working life as a blacksmith in the Black Country.  He is the third generation of his family to practice the art of blacksmithing and has spent nearly 30 years developing the age-old techniques taught to him by his father and grandfather. 

Some of his earliest memories are of his father and grandfather at work in the forge and, even after years as a blacksmith himself, he is still captivated by the metamorphic process of taking a lump of cold hard iron, heating it to a bright incandescent yellow and forging into any number of forms.  The pieces that are created are virtually everlasting, can be practical, decorative, or both and are appreciated for their strength, durability and beauty. 

In addition to his extensive blacksmithing experience he has been managing director of the family business for nearly 15 years following the retirement of his father. 

His skills have been further developed by collaborations with interior and exterior designers, architects and other artists.  He has further developed his artistic skills to include stained glass and copper foil work. 

Previous clients who have engaged his blacksmithing skills include castles, stately home, museums and lighting specialists in addition to several high profile private customers. 

It is encouraging that people who appreciate the quality of traditional hand made goods are turning away from mass produced items and seeking out artists like Bob for something unique and beautiful for their home.  

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